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With the advancement in technology, the life has become much easier. This ease has mainly been possible due to the advent of machine era. Electricity has spearheaded the revolution by machines. The machines and electricity have not only increased comfort, but they have also played a pivotal role in increasing efficiency and curtailing both time and resources.  A good quality dryer can last for a long time but eventually when it has to be replaced, a new dryer plug should be connected with care. Dryers are also a continuation of the same machine era which emphasizes on the added placate in our lives. There are many categories of dryers like hair dryers, clothes dryers, blow dryers.

According to a survey conducted by US government every year 265 structure fire, 15 casualties are caused due to faulty dryer plug. This shows the importance of dryer plugs. There are normally three types of dryer plug.

Three Prong

This dryer plug is used as standard plugs for many years before the advent of the new generation of plugs. They have a floor wire, and impartial wire tied together. They can be plugged for 30 amps, 240-volts outlet. The Pair of the prongs are vertical and are located diagonally on the upper side of the plug. The neutral point is L design and situated in the center or at the base of the plug.

Four Prong

These are the new generation plugs and consist of four point outlets. These are also named as 14-30 dryer plugs and can be configured like a standard three-prong dryer plug. It has a prong that has a ‘hot’ or supply power, one ground and one neutral. It has two vertical slots and one round point at the base but will have a 4th, L shaped point, which is opposite to the rounded point. A green ground wire is tied to the dryer cabinet.

Gas Dryer Plug

Gas dryer depends on a gas burner and uses propane to heat the air and dry the clothes. Electric power is still required to rotate the drum for this type of drying. The plug of the dryer has three prongs for connection. It is important that while using the dryer plug the socket should also have a ground slot. When you buy an electric dryer, cable to attach the dryer has to be bought separately. Dryer connections in homes have to be made individually with three prong or the four prong dryer plugs. A safety feature for grounding the dryer is mandatory in the new dryer plug.

Dryer Plug wiring colors

 Electric dryer plug contain wiring of three or four wires. Their colors are described below.

  • Green: it is the ground wire. In three prong plug the neutral and ground wire is same.
  • Black: it is one of the two hot wires, and it supplies 120 volts of current.
  • Red: it is the other hot wire and provides 120volts of current.
  • White: it is a neutral wire. It serves the same function as that of the ground wire.
  • Gray:  all three of the wires of the prong plug are gray. The neutral wire is in the center, and the hot wires are arranged side by side. 
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